SkinCeuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser 150mL

SkinCeuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser 150mL

If you’re beginning to notice the first signs of ageing, including a lack of clarity and dullness in your complexion - ensure you’re getting the most out of every step of your routine - including the much-maligned and often forgotten cleansing step.


Skinceuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser will brighten, smooth and rehydrate all skin types, but will also prepare the skin for treatments and serums to follow, making it an investment not just in your cleansing step, but in the efficacy and penetration of the rest of your routine.


What are the benefits of Skinceuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser?

  • Enhances radiance and clarity of the skin
  • An alternative to harsh, manual scrubs.
  • Suitable for all skin ages
  • Promotes skin turnover for those who have begun to notice age related dullness.
  • Great primer for esthetic treatments such as pigmentation therapies, laser, peels etc.
  • Can be used morning or night as is non-irritating and non-inflammatory.


What are the key ingredients of Skinceuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser?


  • 8% Glycolic Free Acid Value - available at a very high potency, Glycolic Renewal Cleanser is a cleanser that will dissolve dead skin cells, leading to a brighter, more evenly toned and textured complexion, as well as enhancing the penetration of serums and treatments that follow its use.
  • 1% Phytic Acid - enhances skin clarity and brightness for a more even, youthful appearance to the skin.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Glycerin to act as hydrating, cooling ingredients that will balance inflammation in the skin, and protect the skin's natural barrier function for healthy skin.


What skin concerns and types will most benefit from Skinceuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser?


Most skin types, except for those with very sensitive skin. All skin ages and skin types will gain benefits from Skinceuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser, especially those with concerns around the first signs of ageing, dullness, fine lines or uneven skin texture.


How does the Skinceuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub compare to this?

While the SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub is ideal for a combination, oily or acneic skin type due to its 2% salicylic formulation.

Skinceuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser will suit a more broad skin type, including dry. This is also a scrub-free exfoliant, so has no particles, unlike the SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub.